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Kyoto Symposium
"Popularizing Fabrics and Clothing: Kyoto Yuzen Industry in Broader Context 1600-1970"
(2017年6月3日10〜18時 立命館大学アート・リサーチセンター 3階会議室)
Miki Sugiura, Hosei Univeristy
Guided by Keiko Suzuki, Ritsumeikan University
Viewing of Kyoto Yuzen Stencils Collection at ARC

Writing for International Readers / Journals Workshop I "Kyoto Yuzen Printing & Dying Industry 1650-1970"v Mizuho Kamo, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Changes in yuzen marketing strategies and how they were reflected in pattern designs between 1892-1911
Aya Ueda, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Modern Japanese Machine Printing and KASURI Design in Kyoto in 1897-1937
Naoko Inoue, Josai University
Emergence of Silk Waste Industry and Meisen, the First Accessible Luxury in Japan: 1870s-1930s
Miki Sugiura, Hosei University
Re-dye and Make-over as Promoters of Fashion Industry. Changing Structure of Japanese Kimono Fashion Centre Kyoto

Lecture-Workshop "Silk-Weaving Districts in Modern Japan"
Speaker: Prof Tomoko Hashino, Kobe University